Net News

Net News

A thousand pardons for being late once again with a post…

According to the New York Times, Amazon is, once again, flexing its distribution muscles.  In a battle that centers around books in print, Amazon is demanding more bottom-line money from publishers, Amazon is reportedly raising prices and delaying shipments to get it.

And apparently Hatchette, the industry’s fourth largest publisher by market share, and Amazon are waging a very public war.  The collateral damage will, no doubt, involve authors who simply want their work distributed—and readers, forced to wait or find their favorite authors in other venues.

Geez.  Whatever happened to the good old days when publishers just spread nasty rumors, or found original ways to steal the best authors from each other?

In other news, good blog buddy Bernard DeLeo has a new release from his series on the infamous Amazon…Cold Blooded II: Killer Moves.  Check it out!


And lastly, blog buddy Lynn Viehl has posited a super idea on her PBW blog:  writers writing just for the sake, the fun, the challenge of writing without any thought of publication and posting it (if you want) for reading online every Thursday.

I love this idea.  One of my favorite reasons for visiting/entering online contests has always been to read the impromptu work of other writers.  I’m also thinking it may be a good way to clear away the dregs of any nasty writer’s block still remaining.