Silent Juggernaut

Silent Juggernaut

Can you believe it’s already Memorial Day, and we’re steaming full-speed toward the end of May?? :shock:

I can’t! There’s serious trouble in this corner with the way this year is flying by. The nights are still so chilly that I still have winter blankets on my bed. Haven’t planted a single seasonal flower yet. I’ve just barely gotten the definite hang of putting “2014” instead of “2013” on my checks.  I still haven’t written a single fresh word this year (sigh).  And the thought that really blows me away is that within a month or so the days will begin getting shorter again!  Unbelievable…

 It’s still puzzling to me, the whys and wherefores of the whole problem.  Efficient time management makes some small difference.  But I’m not naturally wired for that and can only seem to manage so much.  Especially since, as I’ve noticed, getting older often seems to mean taking twice as long to do half as much. :roll:

But watching the months trickle away in what was a brand new year just a few minutes ago makes me fret just that much more.  Can we slow down this runaway train just long enough for me to hop on, get a good, strong grip, and make even a little progress doing SOMETHING writing-wise or creatively constructive before the end of the freaking year?

Is it just me?

Or what do you do to help slow things down when they seem to be running away from you?!