Nothing much happening this week, so I thought I’d share a little information I stumbled across while scanning Twitter one day…

After all, I could hardly resist the accompanying quote:



  •  “The Netflix for books is here, it’s mobile and it makes Amazon look old.”

That is, apparently, the idea behind the new book service called “OYSTER”.

For $9.95 a month you can call up and download as many of their 200,000 featured e-books as you please.  They seem to be big on best-sellers and what’s hot, but at that many titles I’m sure they have plenty of classics and series.

I’m not sure the service would be for me.  I don’t currently own the I-pad or Smartphone accessories for reading.  And I tend to read very slowly, especially if it’s something I’m really enjoying and savoring.  I wouldn’t get through many in a month, lol.  But I can certainly see its value.  Since I got my Kindle I’ve spent more time at the library than before, hunting down available downloads.

So if you’re a voracious reader, this may be just the thing for that huge appetite.

Indulge! :yes: