Old and New

Old and New

Navigating the waters this time of the year can be a tricky proposition for some of us.  The glitz and good will of the holiday season have passed.  For those of us who live in the northerly climes that means short, gray days and long, cold nights  without the cheer of even the occasional colored light to brighten our way.

And no matter what anybody tries to tell us…it can be difficult thinking of the New Year as a “new” year.  Same acquaintences.  Same job.  Same situations, same problems.  So what the heck is so new about it?

Well, once in a while a new and surprising turn of events can make all the difference, whether it’s initiated by you or not.

So who knows?  Maybe there really is a new year’s baby out there flinging fairy dust in his/her wake.

I can testify to this, lol. :yes:

How else would it happen that, despite the fact that I was  ill, and sitting on my thumbs, and all set to cash in my writing chips–how could it be that I managed to sell a book that should be epubbed in less than a month or so?

:bounce:  :bounce:  :bounce:

Back with more details next week, lol.  And be on the lookout for that baby!  It might pop up anywhere!