New year off with an … eh

New year off with an ... eh

I am all about starting anew. I like having a chance to start over and have a fresh perspective and/or a clean slate, but the end of 2013 was a weird one and 2014 came in with much the same ambiance. I think the ice storm that blew through north Texas the week after Thanksgiving just knocked everything off kilter. The kids missed school on the heels of a their Thanksgiving break and just before the Christmas break. It made for some off-putting scheduling. (and I am not anything if not strict to a schedule).

Now the rest of the country is slammed with winter storms. It’s been frigging cold here, too. Yesterday it was 13° in the morning and today it was 25° … sheesh, tomorrow it’s supposed to be above freezing. I know that doesn’t compare to up north but when you’re used to warmer weather…

Writing-wise, I have good news and meh news. The good news is Baker’s Law is set to come out in a box set February 3—who can believe that it came so quickly. I still haven’t been able to show off the cover yet—can’t wait for that (though the Chicas may have gotten a sneak-peak, shh, don’t tell). It will then be released on it’s own May 1st as a single. Meh-news… well, they didn’t like my proposal for the second book (didn’t read the book itself, just he proposal, so at least it didn’t sting quite as much) so it’s back to the drawing board. It’s okay. I am disappointed since I was on a mad-dash to get that puppy done, but at least it made the last two weeks of 2013 a little less stressful.

I will come up with something else to submit to them soon (and to another publisher that asked me to submit something—when it rains it pours huh?!?). I will say, it’s a little difficult to change gears so quickly especially in the midst of the the holidays.

So the new year is off and I am hitting the ground with my mental gears swirling! Hope you are starting off your new year well. Any news you want to share yet?

Happy 2014 to all!