Better Late

Better Late


Guess I have a lot of nerve, just showing up like I’ve been here all along, huh?

My apologies for my extended absence, especially to my Chica sisters.  I can only say I honestly didn’t plan it that way.  One thing led to another, one week bled into the next.

I will be honest enough to confess that I have been pretty sick.  So sick that, even if I’d tried to write (which I didn’t), it would’ve been jibberish with the meds I’ve been taking.  Without getting into unnecessary details, my ass has been officially kicked.  I’ve lost enough weight to make another adult human being.

All of which led to the gift I gave myself for Christmas this year.

Self-gifting is not something I normally think about over the holidays; but in this case it became a necessity.  For this staunchly independent, tough-minded woman to cope, I had to let go of a bit of pride and stubbornness and admit this was something I could not deny or beat down with sheer will.

I gave myself the right to be human  And from that starting point I can take whatever on without wasting energy on how I think things should be.

And, hopefully, that includes blogging as well as I can.  Maybe even with a little surprise included in my next post. :razz:

What did you gift yourself with this holiday season?