The Surprise Ending

:tavatar3This just blew my mind this weekend. I have had a paranormal on ice since forever. I’d mapped out the ending scenes 15 in all, and then proceeded to avoid the book like the plague because I was intimidated. Well, this weekend I actually went in and started up again and then a miracle happened.

But first let me backtrack. I write out of sequence. Yeah, I’m one of those writers. If chapter 3 scene 2 isn’t jiving, I’ll move on to Chapter 17 scene 1. Hey, that’s how they make movies, you know? Production is not in sequential order…


Anyway, I digress.

Long story short, I decided to quantum leap to the climax of the book (which had aboutanother 9 scenes to go)–

only to discover, much to my surprise that I didn’t need the nine scenes. I’d reached the end, and all I’d have to do is write four additional scenes to revise and wrap up everything. I couldn’t believe it. I’d had this ending planned, and then I realized, hey, you’re ending it now. And this one is just as fulfilling.

Has this EVER happened to you? Have you written a book, knowing where you had to end, only to realize, your ending should be sooner?