*Tap Tap Tap* Is This Thing On?

*Tap Tap Tap* Is This Thing On?

So, yeah, it’s been a while. I feel awkward, like running into an old friend you didn’t amicably part ways with or an ex you still miss. Here we are, shuffling our feet, stammering, smiling, wondering what to say to one another. I think it’s been about five years since I blogged. Four years since I wrote a word. Mostly it’s been life stuff but we ALL have life stuff: My oldest, who has been driving me insane since his sophomore year of high school graduated and now lives with his father. My youngest is a senior this year so we’re gearing up for that madness. Work is crazy up and down. My father has cancer (small cell carcinoma and may I say, 9 frickin lives! I could be here all day telling you about the close calls he’s had in the last year LOL ).  The doctors won’t say it’s in remission but it’s shrunk (and he hasn’t been able to have chemo in 8 months).  I’ve also really been struggling with some faith issues (thank you Tanya and the dude or dudette upstairs and the words of wisdom I seem to stumble across just when I need them. Esp the last couple months.)…

But I won’t lie. Some of it’s just been apathy.  Seriously, I wish I could tell you that all the television I’ve watched in the last five years was research *blush* …  Coming from someone who abhors apathy –and firmly believes that Apathy Kills– it’s…embarrassing.

So I finally kind of have a plan and I’ve put money where my mouth is (or where my poor website is) and I even bought a new laptop (Windows 8 sucks all kinds of ass but I’m getting used to it). And you know, if I’m going to be taking those tax deductions, I should probably have a plan, huh? So I’m making plans and I have you guys pushing me (thank GOD and Bless YOU!) and I’m going to try and blog during the week to post on Saturdays. And I’m just going to write and self-publish whatever my little heart desires and remind myself that I can do whatever the fuck I want; it’s just going to take some time to get back into shape. I didn’t start out writing 15 pages a day, I worked my way up and I can work my way back by whatever means necessary. Something really interesting I re-realized this last weekend–I’m a character driven writer not a plot driven writer so action is very difficult for me. Some of the manuscripts I didn’t finish are, quite frankly, plot heavy so that is a writing obstacle I will have to work to overcome.

In other news, my first manuscript is ten years old! I still remember the contest judges saying, “You can’t put emails in a manuscript. It’s not allowed!” (FUCK YOU VERY MUCH – I DID IT ANYWAY)

And now look at it… ready for the fifth grade!

Take a look: I dropped my dinner from Chick-fil-A on the kitchen counter, then popped “The Banger Sisters” into the VCR.