God Bless the Net

God Bless the Net


Forgive my tardiness (again).  I’m rushing in here at the last minute because I was scouting locations for a novel I’m considering.

Virginia Beach was at the top of my initial list.  But there’s a little more snap to the air this time of year than I want for the sultry, sweaty evenings my characters will be sharing…

Key Largo was my next destination, with warmer weather and romantic associations.  But there are entirely too many college students there for spring break this time of year.

A quick, comfortable trip to South Carolina nearly has me sold on the architecture alone.  But taking the red eye first class to the Pacific Northwest and its five-star restaurants convinces me that’s the way to go.  And having found the preferred haven for his headquarters, my hero, sporting the duds of the latest top fashion designer, can wing his way, First Class, back to the dazzling uncertainty of his corporate attorney lover and New England’s weather.

And while it might be fascinating to actually enact these things, I can’t be/do half of what I want for my characters and storylines.

Thank God for the Internet.

Even before the Internet became so available I never minded doing research.  I could park my buns in a library forever, finding a million small details.  The temptation to be distracted was the same when it came to the print media.  Seriously?  Put an encyclopedia with a thousand small subjects in my hand and I would be one happy little geek.

And while I’ve never eaten at a Five -Star restaurant, or flown First Class or done any of the yummy things my characters have, I can make it all as realistic as I please.  Thanks to the Internet.

God bless it.