Always There As A Reminder or Trying To Find The Silver Lining In Editing Hell

As the post title suggests, I’m editing. I believe I started on Thursday. I’ve ninety pages to go and it just might kill me dead. Since Thursday, I’ve watched Scandal. Can’t seem to stop thinking about a good and deliciously depraved book. Did my best to talk someone into watching Sherlock on PBS, which is nothing short of amazing. Sherlock. Not the talking someone into it.

What does any of that have anything to do with editing?

Well, you have to understand that Scandal is just a well-written TV show. There’s a married who is having an affair. Everyone should want his head on the pike. Everyone should think the mistress is the scum of the earth. Everyone who watches the show wants these two to be together. That’s just incredible writing. And the last episode put me on the floor. It. Was. Just. That. Good.

And then you have to understand that this depraved book I’m talking about should be something I never talk about in public. Least of all admitting that I loved it. The main character has no morals. At all. There’s no sob story for how or why this character is horrible. It’s a female lead, at that, which everyone knows has to be just shy of sugar and spice. But the thing is the author has made invest in this character. Of course, I want her to become a better person. I want to see her arc from who she is. Honestly, I just want to see if the author can pull it off. And, I have no doubt she can. None.

Lastly, you have to watch Scandal in Bohemia, if nothing else. Sherlock is depicted as a sociopath. He doesn’t care for people, not really. He’s formed attachments, but nothing that moves the earth for him. Another thing of note is that someone can walk into a room and he can break down who they are with a glance.

Then in comes Irene Adler.

I’m not doing this first meeting justice. Go buy this episode. Yes, buy. Worth it. Completely.

So, I’m in editing hell and I’m faced with the kind of writing I envy. With stories I’d give my eye-teeth for to be able to write half as good. I probably never will, but I can re-write that sentence (or 4,000 of them) so that it, at least, makes sense. I can clean up the analogy I botched. Anchor the beginning of a scene better with a little more description. I choose one of the five adjectives I used and go with that one.

I probably won’t incite any eye-teeth envy, but I can, at least, make this story better. Or, I’m reaching for any silver lining because these edits just might kill me dead.

What’s your silver lining while in editing hell?