More TV Talk: New Shows

More TV Talk:  New Shows

This is the time of year when the networks begin airing shows they categorize as either too risky for a fall premier, or not strong enough to compete. The most frustrating aspect of this is that many of these shows would be strong if given half a chance.                                                                  

Most end up getting cancelled just when they begin to hit their stride.

Those of you who watch TV, how are your favorite shows going?  Better, worse, the same?Have you started anything new?

I’m currently giving three new shows a look-see:


My Verdict: The pilot was intriguing. The story, set in the 80s during the Cold War, focuses on Soviet-era spies living as Americans in the good old USA. They’ve got a house in the burbs, (can’t remember if it has a picket fence), kids, a crappy family sedan and … oh, they kidnap (and kill) people when necessary. If Keri Russell can do more than scowl and brood, this show may have a chance.


My Own Worst Enemy … er … DO NO HARM

Forgive me, but Do No Harm:

Seems an awful lot like the old My Own Worst Enemy (MOWE):

My Verdict:  Granted, Do No Harm casts the renown surgeon hero as a Dissociative Identity Disorder sufferer, and MOWE’s hero is an assassin/spy/family man who takes drugs to enable his ‘split’ personality, but the basic Jekyll/Hyde duality is there. Christian Slater’s MOWE had its faults, but it was still entertaining. I was sorry it got canceled because it had a lot of potential.

As for Do No Harm, I’ve only seen the pilot but like MOWE, it stretches your suspension of disbelief to the extreme. There were more than a few eye-rolling moments, like when the Hyde alter-ego (Ian Price, the sociopath) decided to perform brain surgery on Jekyll’s (Jason Cole, the brain surgeon) patient despite the fact that he doesn’t share the same medical skills/knowledge as Jekyll. Or when Hyde beat up a cop without any repercussions, or when Hyde nearly raped Jekyll’s love interest or …

Well, I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I’m still tuning in because, despite its faults, the show is remarkably entertaining and Steven Pasquale does a praise-worthy job of bringing these characters to life. The actor discusses the role(s) below:


Revenge+Scandal … um … I mean DECEPTION


My Verdict:  Jury’s still out.  This is an obvious mash-up of Revenge (without the 12 dimensional chess aspect of the plot) and Scandal (without Shonda Rhimes’ great writing, casting, producing, directing and editing).  Meagan Good plays Detective Joanna Locasto, the daughter of the uber-rich Bowers family’s ex-housekeeper.  She goes undercover when her best friend Vivian Bowers turns up murdered.  There are many suspects within the family including Vivian’s dad, stepmother and brothers.  One of the brothers (here’s where the Scandal part comes in) was Joanna’s first love.

Julian (played by Wes Brown) took Joanna’s virginity long ago and there are still lingering feelings between them.  You know, sexual tension.   So that’s the Scandal interracial romance angle basically, but unlike Scandal’s Fitz and Olivia, Joanna and Julian don’t sizzle.  There’s a spark every now and then, but not nearly the supernova that happens whenever ‘Olitz’ occupies the same scene, be it face-to-face or on the telephone.

But back to Deception.  There’s also a love triangle with Julian, Joanna and Joanna’s ex-boyfriend/fellow detective Will Moreno played by Laz Alonso.  No spark there, IMHO.  I think Julian/Joanna have more chemistry.  However, I don’t see this show getting renewed.  It’s entertaining, but there’s nothing groundbreaking here.  It’s … watchable, but not ‘must-see.’  And Wes Brown and Laz Alonso are nice eye-candy, I guess, but I’m still waiting for the show (and the characters) to grab me.


Other shows I tried and didn’t like:  The Following, The Carrie Diaries.

Shows that look interesting, but I’ve yet to check out:

The Bates Motel, A&E

Ray Donovan, Showtime (BTW, the hero is a ‘fixer,’ just like Olivia Pope in Scandal)