WRITERS: From a little place called “the corner”

WRITERS: From a little place called "the corner"

WRITERS —  Ever been here?

The good news:  I’m nearing the end of my WIP.  I’m at the part where H/h have discovered everything they’ve been hiding from each other.  The bad news:  I have NO idea how to write my way out of this one.  

It’s been nothing but lies and damn lies between them from the start.

If I were the heroine, I’d run away fast and never look back.  The hero has lied.  Killed people.  Lied about killing people. She’s even lost someone she loved because of her involvement with him.  Her life has changed irrevocably.  Not to mention she’s not sure if what she feels for him is even real—this thanks to the hero’s unusual … er … origins.

If I were the hero, I’d drop her like a bad habit and get out of Dodge.  She’s been lying from the day he met her. Spying on him.  Invading his privacy in more ways than one. Putting his secrets and his ‘community’s’ secrets in jeopardy.  Pretending to be someone she’s not.  He doesn’t even know whether what happened between them was real, or part of her other deceptions.

Given this huge cloud of lies, how will they ever find their way back to each other???


That’s what I’ll be trying to figure out for the next month whilst cowering in the corner I’ve painted myself into.


READERS — Please finish one or more of the following sentences:

1.  I hate when characters decide to ____________ in the middle of a book!

2.  _________ is the most overused plot device ever.

3.  If I read another romance with a ______ in it, I’ll cut a b*tch.

4.  To me, it’s not an HEA unless __________.

5.  A book will hit my wall-banger box if __________.

6.  One of the best books I’ve read this years is ______________.

7.  My least favorite book this year was bad because _____________________.

8.  I read about _____ books a month.