What you may not know to ask about (part 1)

What you may not know to ask about (part 1)

I was cleaning out my computer files (I hoard even those) and I found an article I wrote last year that may be of some use. I will pop it thru in 2 parts (half this week and half next) I hope some of this may be helpful!

Some people are new to writing. Some people have been writing for years but never come across a need for information in specific areas. Whatever the case, there are a ton of sites with information you may want to keep bookmarked in your computer—but you didn’t know. Until now…

Maybe you’re ready to send out your first book to a publisher, but you’re not sure about the guidelines such as word count or snail-mail vs. e-mail submissions. How do you find it? If you write romance, RWA’s website (http://www.rwa.org/) has a section for publishers with fairly updated information. First, you do have to login to the member’s section. Then, go to: Member Resources, then Publishers and Agents, you can either click on Publishers , it will show what they’ve been doing lately and click their name for info or click on Market Update to go straight to mailing/subbing info. You can see what they’re looking for. I would, however, suggest you Google, Yahoo and/or Bing the editor you want to send it to first just to make sure they’re still there. (You don’t want to be the one subbed book that is sent to a long-gone, but for whatever reason still listed editor—straight from the slush pile to the trash can!) Agent information is also listed in that section under Agent Update.

Another place you can look at editor/agent info is at: Predators and Editors (http://pred-ed.com/). It will tell you if a place is recommended (by what they’ve gleaned from people dealing with them) or if you should run not walk and stay away. P & E also has a host of other writing related areas. Remember, though, it’s just another kink in the chain of research before you send off your manuscript.

Also, on agents, try one of these places when looking up or looking for someone:


RWA University has a great calendar of events set up with upcoming courses, check out the website to plan which you will attend!

If you want to know how much you may expect to earn by publishing house, Brenda Hyatt has a wonderful website http://brendahiatt.com/show-me-the-money/  where she compiles a list every year. (2/10/12 — fixed the link… sorry.)

eHarlequin’s website (http://www.eharlequin.com/) has everything from their submission guidelines to pod casts by editors and authors to online classes. It has a huge community of authors (pubbed and not-yet-pubbed) to communicate with (and you can buy books too…).

Writer’s Digest (http://www.writersdigest.com/GeneralMenu/), much like eHarlequin, has everything from courses to books to advice and so much more. Be prepared to spend some time as both places have so much information to wade through. Oh, and, if you ever get stuck and just have no clue where to start writing for the day, WD has a “prompt” section (http://www.writersdigest.com/TipsPrompts/), try it and see where it can take you.

Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine (http://www.rtbookreviews.com/) has book reviews (as the name states) but it also has an online community as well as help for aspiring authors.

more next week….