This, That and Then Some

This, That and Then Some

I’ve got 8 topics below. Respond to what interests you, ignore what doesn’t or talk about whatever is on your mind.



Agent Lori Perkins wrote the following on her blog in a post titled “What’s Selling:”

….it’s become increasingly difficult to sell any genre fiction from a male protagonist’s perspective, unless he’s really hot. But even if he’s a really hot teen vampire, it’s better to tell the story from a female point of view. If you have a male character, I’d almost suggest that you change the gender of your main character to sell a novel in this climate. And as far as erotica goes, it is nearly impossible to sell any sexually explicit material from the male point of view, unless it’s gay or M/M. I have never seen a time in publishing where women’s tastes have driven the market.

Guess my TOTALLY male POV YA doesn’t stand a chance. Oh, well.

Moving on, I can’t help but wonder if we’re slowly going back to pre-1980 where female readers didn’t know what the heck was going on in the hero’s mind. Do women not want to be privy to a male POV anymore? Does being in a guy’s head destroy the fantasy? Or should I just conclude (per Ms. Perkins’ last sentence) that men just aren’t reading as much as women?



Short funny/cute video.



Five writing/reading-related questions. Answer one or more:

1. As a writer, what comes easiest for you? Love scenes or fight/action scenes?

2. Who do you relate most to in your current WIP? Your hero, your heroine or a secondary character?

3. How willing are you to wound your protagonists? Do you have trouble tossing plastic darts their way, or can you regularly go medieval on them without batting an eye?

4. Fiction-wise, what’s your least favorite genre and why?

5. How many characters are in your current WIP?




According to a CNN piece, people are actually getting depressed after viewing Pocahontas Avatar. Why? Because life on ‘Pandora’ (the fictional world in Avatar) seems so much better than the one they live in. Some have even contemplated suicide. Over on Avatar Forums, (the focus of the CNN story) members talk about their feelings of sadness in a thread titled: Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible.

My take? I don’t think it’s so much that the movie induced depression. I think some of these folks were already dissatisfied with their lives and after viewing such a beautiful fantasy world, their real world seemed to pale in comparison. Especially in this economy, people are looking for ways to escape. As an aside, I guess James Cameron has earned some atta boys for creating such a fantastical place that people would fall so much in love with it that they’d yearn to be there. As for me, I don’t like jungles, heat, the tropics or any place with bugs and animals that want to eat me. So I’ll pass on Pandora thankyouverymuch.





So I’m watching The Tudors and I get to the end of Season 2, the part where they deal with Anne Bolyne’s murder death. I’ve always known Henry had her beheaded mainly
because he wanted to remarry, but I never knew the charges against her. High Treason, and for what? Adultery and incest. She was supposedly boinking a bunch of men, including her own brother. Most historians call the charges spurious and trumped up, however what gets me is that Henry was carrying on with other women even when he was married to Catherine of Aragon, his first wife. So why wasn’t he charged with adultery? In a similar vein, in a recent post over at Dear Author the ladies were discussing the double standards in romance regarding male/female sexuality. In short, men can be whores, but women can’t. Posters gave many reasons for this glaring disparity.  Misogyny.  Biology.  Religion.  Physiological differences … whatever.   Well, I think it’s all of the above including basic CONTROL issues. Men and women are equally guilty here as far as I’m concerned. What say you?



With Christmas and New Years having passed, it’s time to get back to work, only problem is, I’m having trouble starting up again. I don’t know if it’s a lack of discipline, or if my brain still needs a few more weeks. Either way, the writing is unbelievably slow. How many of you are experiencing the same thing?


8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I’d seen everything, but this takes the cake.  In highschool I was taught that this was biologically impossible.  Guess my science teacher was wrong.  Obviously there are some men in Turkey who desperately need a girlfriend.  Utterly disgusting.  If you are easily sickened I strongly suggest you do not click on this link.