Pardon the Intrusion

May had a great blog post over at RTB about group blogs and I was going to reply there but decided to save it for here, since this IS a group blog.

I honestly can’t tell you why we’re here, other than I know where all three of my partners in crime live and I can get to two of them in less than an hour :D so maybe they felt no wasn’t an option.

I’m not sure if we here at SFC actually work or not. But our voices DO seem to fit together –maybe because they’re all my critique partners *ggg* When we started I think we wanted this to be more of a reader’s blog but it seems to have morphed into a writer’s blog and that’s okay by me. As long as it works and we’re having fun.

Anyway I had to go searching for a minute but I’m back with the real reason for this post. There was a comment by Jane of Dear Author about authors who maybe should participate more on reader blogs or blogs like RTB than group blogs that got me to thinking (and I’ll happily admit that maybe I didn’t take her comment the way it was intended).

Do you remember the girl in school who always tried to horn on on your group (along with everyone elses group?)? Yeah, that girl, the one with the ugly hair and not quite right clothes? That’s how I feel when I comment on reader’s blogs. Except for maybe Sybil who likes to keep her finger in the pie that is the romance industry. I do occasionally comment on some reader’s blogs (like Rosario) especially if they’re talking about a book that interests me because I’m not just a writer, I’m a reader, and I’m always looking for a good book. But I always sort of feel like I’m intruding on a private party and maybe I should just go home.

So am I alone? And what about any readers out there? Does it bother you when authors pop up on your blogs?